On this page you will find video tutorials made by myself, about different pieces of software I use on a regular basis.

This includes Wwise, FMOD, Fabric, Unity, and Reaper.

They will sometimes be exercises, sometimes quick tricks, and I’ll try to be understandable as much for beginners as for more advanced audio designers.


I plan to make all new, all fresh ones for the purpose of this blog, and with more recent and quick tips and tricks, but I haven’t done so yet (coming soon!).

In the meantime, you can take a look at these tutorials I recorded when I was giving practical workshops on game audio at the University of Edinburgh. These refer sometimes to specific exercises we did during the workshops or in a lecture, so I try to provide the sounds with them (in the video description) so you can try and replicate those exercises.

By clicking the link below you’ll find a playlist of 5 Wwise tutorials, topics being:

  • Chat and fan blades exercise (Distance parameter )
  • Footsteps integration
  • Wwise & Unity integration
  • Music integration
  • Blend Container